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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@i think they could have scored @80 points that day against the @cleveland browns. @at that day, i felt he was h of the @cleveland browns because it was @obvious the browns were going @to make sweeping changes, and @why not go chronology on this @whole thing is we know the @browns interviewed him on @sunday for five hours and then @got another interview with y. @just before jackson was set to @board a plane and fly to new @york and be interviewed by the @new york giants to be their @head coach, the en, don't go there. @let's get a deal done, and they @did it. @the browns didn't have to go @out of state or outside of @their own @their new head coach. @from just down i-71, the browns @have decided hugh jackson, the @offensive coordinator of ti bengals will be @their new head coach and try to @be the coach that can finally @bring the browns back to ty. @the browns interviewed jackson @on sunday for five hours, but
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@for the last couple of seasons, @and they saw a mind you, a players coach who @isn't afraid to tell a player @when he's just not cutting it. @they saw a coach with a flair nse, a coach @who can really grow a @quarterback, and, my friends, @that becomes his greatest on as @the leader of the dalton flourishes with @hugh jackson pushing him to @become a consistent @quarterback. @he didn't play in their playoff because of @a broken thumb. @a few years back, hughs jackson @straightened out a heck of a @team in oakland when he @the raiders, but they cut him @loose when a new general @the browns' job is not easy. @just ask the other 8 guys who
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@knows knows the afc north, and he @knows quarterbacks. @he has to know that one @position is the key to his @he has to find the quarterback @and make them a winner. @players love the play for hugh >> and there it is. @that's the final determination. @you keep score in this @business. @and you have to win. @you have to win ack story will be @the major story. @according to multiple reports, @jackson in his interview with that the @browns move on from johnny @manziel. @the other king thing is the @browns will need a ously, and you have to @believe jackson's thumbprint @will be on that selection @because he knows ter all of these new guys @with their new titles, this guy @knows quarterbacks. @>> he's going to speak at what do you think he needs to @say to the fans in cleveland, @that there's a new sheriff in
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@>> i think he has a natural about him. @he's very creative. @he's really off the cuff. @kind of a wild ride. @he won't button his lip bite it either. @interesting tweet from marvin @lewis, the bengals head coach, @upon losing a great ordinator. @he said about hugh jackson, i @wish him the best of luck. @he's a great coach. @i wish him the best of luck 14 @times next played them twice. @>> all right. @jimmy. @thank you. @>> a lot of interesting tweets @out there. @social media lighting up with @reaction to announcement. @sunday night football is having @a little fun tweeting out this @image of the browns' jersey. @this one features the names of @the eight s since @'99. @local t-shirt designer already
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@saying cleveland, you got to believe. @and former browns browns punter @taking to twitter saying i @spoke with a few teammates, and @they raved about hugh jackson. @so there you go. @>> we want to know what you the hire. @do you think hugh jackson was @the right choice? @text yes or no to 25543. @log onto our website, 'll have more from jim in the @broadcast and your voting @results later on. @ and we'll bring you the ence live @tonight at 6:30 on channel 3, @followed by the nbc nightly @news at 7:00. @jimmy returns for a special 'll take you @inside today's hire and give @you a look at what's next for @the team. loping right now, 20 @students are being examined at @a local hospital after three d just @before 3:00 this afternoon.
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@the drivers were transported @with minor injuries. @parents have been notified of @the crash and police are still @investigating what caused it. @disturbing new information that @killed a family of four in @northville center township. @state investigators have ruled @it an arson. @andrew horansky joins us live. @this makes for so many @unanswered questions. @>> that's absolutely right. @that's because investigators @have neither revealed a motive @nor named a suspect. @i can tell you they don't @appear to be actively looking @for suspects either. @>> for the first time today we @heard the calls to 911 from a @neighborhood frightened by @watching this home burn to the @ground. @not one of them could confirm @if anyone was inside. @and not one came from inside
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@old jeff mather and his wife, @cindy, died near their two @young daughters, allison and @ruthie. @i heard two back-to-back @explosions. @>> they were suspicious from @the start after a gas leak was @quickly ruled out as the cause. @>> it just didn't sound right @to me. @tonight investigators are @calling it arson, but saying @little more. @inspector bill holland is with @the summit county sheriff's @department. @>> we're still determining what @steps led up to the fire and @after the fire -- @>> while community leaders @agree they will need time to @mend. @>> we're all devastated by it. @this is one of our family, our @community. @it may not be a new road or @whatever, but, you know, it's a @part of us, and that part has @been lost. @>> firefighters will take part @in an off-site debriefing to @talk to many of them about what @was their first encounter of @death on the job.
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@they hope to turn it into anion @yule tradition in a @neighborhood that's still @gripped with grief. @back to you. @>> andrew horansky, thank you. @ a nine-year-old involved in @a sledding crash we told you @about last night remains in the @hospital. @that happened in northern @ridgeville. @officials say he was sledding @on a neighborhood hill when he @sled onto meadow lakes @boulevard and was hit by a car. @tonight he's still listed in @critical condition. @>> tonight could be your night @to hit the jackpot and become a @billionaire. @we'll take you live to the @luckiest store in northeast @ohio next at 6:00. @hi, betsy. @>> hi, sara. @well, we have about an inch of @snow headed to northern ohio. @we'll take a look at that and @tell you about a warmup before @the next one. @i have the latest. @>> thanks betsy. @>> we're about 23 minutes away @from hearing from the browns @new head coach. @jimmy is back with more when
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@ @we continue to follow that @breaking news. @we're 19 minutes away from @hearing from the teach's new
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@do you think the browns made @the right choice. @you voted. @here is what you have to say @about it. @more than 500 of you voted thus @far and more than 85% of you @say, yes, you like the move. @there's still time for your @voice to be heard. @do you like the hire? @text yes or no to 25543 or log @onto our website and @vote now. @ $1.5 billion. @tonight's powerball drawing, @the largest in lottery history. @the last time ohio sold a @winning powerball ticket was in @2014. @the last store where someone @hit it big was here. @that's where we sent alyssa @raymond to buy our ticket. @hi, alyssa. @>> reporter: we'll see about @that, sara.
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@in 2014, this store sold a @winning lottery ticket. @if you look around, you @wouldn't be able to tell @because there are not any @flashy signs put up, but we're @told she still lives in the @area and the person who sold it @to her still works here. @tonight's jackpot is so large @and unexpected, no b for @billion. @true north employees got a @little artsy to let them now @head coach. @they said they've been so busy @they had to get a new printer, @and they've gone through twice @the amount of powerball ticket. @the retailer who sells the @winning ticket receive as @$100,000 selling bonus. @this true north got that back @in 2014. @and the wonder remains, what if @it happens again. @>> they couldn't believe it, @that it was here and everybody @was happy that it was somebody @local.
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@we were happy. @>> the pennsylvania-ohio state @line is about 5 miles away. @ohio has only stole three @winning powerball tickets. @pennsylvania on the other hand @has sold 16, but here's the @catch. @pa started selling them in @2002. @that's eight years before ohio @started. @some other fun facts about @tonight's jackpot, the cash @option is $930 million. @let's talk about taxes now. @if one person hits the jackpot @in ohio, they will owe the @state about $37 million in @taxes. @and as luck would have it, not @too long of a line right now. @they said every time we come @back here it looks like this. @they want us to stay in here. @they got a little break. @at the busiest, they say the @line was all the way back to @the drink refrigerators back @there. @they did tell me that they so
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@put towards powerball tickets @just in this store. @since this morning. @again, let's see. @the odds, 1 in 292 million. @sara and russ, if you want me @to buy a powerball ticket, let @me know. @there are just two dollars. @that's all you need to do. @thank you. @>> as long as you will split it @with me. @>> get that in writing. @>> if you win the jackpot @tonight, you might be busy @buying a yacht on lake erie @this summer. @the progressive boat show gets @started tomorrow. @paddleboats to million dollar @yachts and everything in @between will be on display and @sale. @dealers are hoping the @continuing economic recovery @fuels more interest and @potential sales. @>> whether you're the avid @dedicated fishermen, which most @boaters are, or you're a sailor @or cruiser, you're going to @different destinations there.
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@the time is right. @if you ever thought about @getting into boating, now would @be the perfect time. @>> and you can also learn to @scuba dive. @a tank out there filled with 88- @degree water. @all you need to do is bring a @bathing suit and towel. @it runs through monday. @nothing tropical about this @snow. @this is video from madison @where people are dealing with @flurries through the morning. @two days of this messy commute. @betsy, what do you think about @tomorrow. @>> that's a far cry from last @night. @it was whaling down on those @areas last night. @snow rates just kept piling up @all over the place. @now we have a little bit of @snow coming. @this is for all of northern @ohio. @it's just a little bit of a @clipper system. @not too much to worry about, @maybe an inch or so. @it looks like we're going to @get into a warming trend. @the problem is what goes up @will come down. @and through the weekend, @temperatures will be falling
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@now, as far as the snow goes, @areas west out toward loraine @and elyria, sandusky, probably @down to milen and norwalk @areas, down into mansfield and @shelby getting light snow @showers, flurries coming in. @this will spread across the @area. @now, we still have pretty dry @air in place. @this will be fluff that will @blow around with the breezy @conditions. @we'll not see too many @problems. @we have heavier snow showers, a @darker purple that's showing up @to the west of cleveland. @elyria is still reporting a 10- @mile visibility. @it's slightly reduced in the @mansfield area. @a picture is worth 1,000 words. @we're going to take a look at @cedar points midway cam. @you can kind of see the snow @falling, making a little bit of @a vail there on the picture. @it's nice to see signs of @summer and what is going to be @exciting even though the snow @is falling. @now, this snow stretches back
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@we may get an extra clip. @early tomorrow morning, all in @all, this will be clearing out @as we go morning into @afternoon, and that will lead @us into what is going to be a @nice little warmup for us. @we're still sitting in the @teens in northern ohio right @now. @wind chills are still in the @single digits, but the warmer @air is just off to the @southwest of us. @20s. @believe it or not. @by tomorrow morning, we'll @likely have temperatures in the @20s to start the day. @oh, but things will be @changing. @let's take a look at the @temperature forecast. @we're in the cool spot here. @that will lift out. @there's the nice warming trend. @so two nice days of warming. @as a matter of fact, starting @tonight, we'll begin warming. @we'll warm straight on through. @the temperatures just continue @to go up even tomorrow night. @the problem is another big @surge of cold air will be @diving south. @that will be a bit of a break @on saturday, sunday, the really
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@monday we're right back into @the deep freeze with @temperatures only in the teens. @for tonight, we'll be in the @20s. @nice golden arrow. @a one-inch snow accumulation or @so. @the hour-by-hour forecast @brings snow showers through @northern ohio. @temperatures in the 20s for the @early morning. @you can see how that light snow @lingers a little bit more @farther to the east. @it's not really lake effect. @it's residual moisture. @wind chills make it back out of @the single digits into the @teens as we head throughout the @air temperatures will start to @rise into the 30s, especially @in the afternoon. @we may even get to see some @peeks of sunshine. @check out the mid-and upper @30s, even a 30-degree mark. @don't get your hopes up for a @snow day. @it is not going to be too much. @we can definitely handle this @tomorrow. @here. @temperatures rising nicely into @the mid-and upper 30s late. @we'll see those temperatures
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@on friday, right into the 40s. @nice thaw for us. @yes, what goes up will come @down. @window nation 7-day forecast, @not one but two back-to-back @blue arrows going down. @it starts saturday, continues @into sunday. @then we'll bottom out sometime @monday with temperatures not @making it out of the teens. @not looks for crazy amounts. @could impact some roads. @we're going to keep a close eye @on that. @>> thank you, betsy. @>> betsy our bestty. @>> i am the besttee. @hugh jackson is hired to lead @the team. @>> jimmy is back with jackson's
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@ @slow day in the sports @department. @>> unbelievable. @i will tell you what. @the search was very focused, @very aggressive. @i think they got it done far @ahead of schedule than a lot of @people anticipated. @the browns have their man. @i think they really knew weeks @ago they wanted to target in on @hugh jackson and so they did. @when the bengals lost on @saturday night, they really @focused in on jackson, @interviewed him on sunday. @again last night. @before he got a chance to @interview with the new york @giants, they got a deal done @this afternoon. @then at 5:00, he arrived @through the front doors at 76 @lou boulevard, and here is the @welcome he got. @[applause] @>> a standing ovation for hugh @jackson with the browns
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@head coach. @his first reaction was, wow, i @haven't even won a game yet. @look at it. @they love me already. @congratulations to him. @for the last four years, he has @been wondering whenly get @another chance to be a head @coach in the nfl, and it has @finally come. @it came in the division, the @afc north that he knows so well @browns. @a little bit more about hugh @jackson, he's 50 years old. @he was a college quarterback at @the university of pacific back @in the mid 1980s. @he's been in the nfl a long @time. @he's had two tours of duty in @cincinnati. @marvin lewis was a big fan of @hugh jackson. @he lost him to the raiders, of @course, when he became a head @coach. @one year there he did an @amazing job with the raiders in @2000. @he beat the browns that year. @fractured organization, but @when they made a change at @general manager, they wanted to @bring in their own coach, so @jackson was out. @now he gets a chance to be a
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@he's a players coach. @one guy who played for him was @andrew hawkins, the wide @receiver of the browns. @he played for him in @cincinnati. @he tweeted out this today. @hugh jack and then hands @clapping. @that's what's going on there. @hawkins also said he's a no @nonsense guy with a lot of @confidence. @you're going to see that in a @few moments in his opening @press conference. @he knows the game so well. @>> now to johnny manziel. @we always come back to johnny @manziel. @according to multiple reports @now, in the lengthy interviews, @five hours on sunday and a long @time yesterday, the topic of @johnny manziel was there. @what do you do with johnny @manziel? @hugh jackson's advice and @opinion, and i think he want @this is carried out, we move @away from johnny manziel. @so right away he's hit a home @run with me. @you just can't have that kind @of distraction. @so it appears as though @manziel's days with the browns @are over.
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@there's an interesting story @coming out of the sacramento @area. @colin kaepernick, if the staff @49ers cut him -- san francisco @49ers cut him loose, now, he's @had surgeries, but jackson was @always a big fan of kaepernick @when he was coming out of the @university of nevada. @that's something to keep your @ice open for, but hugh jackson @knows this. @he has to get a quarterback. @he would like to grow his own @quarterback. @you do that by drafting one. @remember, in april, the draft @is the 28th through 30th. @and the browns have the number @two overall pick. @there are two guys that stand @out over everybody. @this young man, gal, a big kid. @he's really picked to be the @top quarterback coming out in @the draft. @next would be a kid that @flourished this year out of @memphis, he's 6'7". @paxton lynch. @he had a great year down there. @he had a bad bowl game but a @great regular season, taking @memphis to great wins this @season. @those are the two guys that
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@one and two, it seems, in the @quarterback class. @we'll be visiting with hugh @jackson in a matter of minutes. @>> very busy night. @>> thank you so much for @watching. @he's going to be back in a few @minutes to bring you live @coverage of the head coach @announcement. @>> and the nightly news will @come at 7:00 tonight, followed @by continuing coverage of the
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